Couture Avant-Garde


A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous! – Coco Chanel

The dresses speak volumes about you even before you start a conversation. If a lady wants to spell class without having to actually spell it, clothes and shoes is the way to do that. All of us go through good times and bad but no matter what, dress-up and show-up! Nothing can lift the spirits better than being the focus of admiring and coveting eye-balls. Don’t believe us? Ask the ladies!

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Ball gown, bouffant gown, cocktail dress, gymslip, jumper dress, little black dress, maxi dress, midi dress, shift dress, shirt-dress, sundress, tea gown, wrap dress and the list just goes on. Each is suited for an occasion, for time of the day and has to be stitched and styled with the body-type in mind, if the dress and the wearer have to be a success. Wear something comfortable if you anticipate a long night. Try a flowing dress and flats instead of a fitted dress and heals. Skip the mini dresses and stilettos at country club kind outings, opt for preppy instead. Beach weddings call for maxi dresses and gladiator sandals as a must pack.

Only a designer with an impeccable sense for fashion and innovation would know the wardrobe secrets to the last shelf! If the occasion is important and your presence is even more so, do not trust yourself in the hands of any other than Shanu Chitlangiya.

Get in touch with her at store:

  • Shanu Chitlangiya
    B-2, Aishwarya Tower, Ajmer Pulia
    Near Hotel Hawa Mahal
  • E:
    M: +91 96490 11111
    T: +91 141 600 022

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